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Bye Korean boys :-*by Mye
Sunday, December 4, 2011 @ 8:00 AM

Hi readers, I'm just back from Korea, maybe some of you know that. kay now I'm home. Home Sweet Home, Haha. Actually, this is my second time to Korea, so I'm not so over excited like ussual. My first trip was on February 2011, its was snowing. my second trip was on 1december2011 and just wintering, there's no snow but coming to hv snow. I'm freezing there, it was -1degree celcius, damn cool! Hahaha. first day, kiteorg pergy Everland Resort theme park. That was awesome when one korean guy tegur me and say I'm beautiful. Melting habessss aku. That guy handsome bangat loh. melting gila-gila ah. habes kembang sume xD

Pastu, me & my sister go around the theme park & playing games. games games games. ahahaha but serious awesome. Rotating House is awesome gila, masuk rumah then dia rotate kan kite. Hahaha, masa february tu pon aku dah naik, so aku tahu tp saje jerit gembira (y) Hahaha  mummy & mak *nenek stay at heat house. Hahaha

Esoknya kiteorg pergy Itaewon & seoul. fun habesss, tp sakit kaki sbb aku pakai boots tinggi. Hahaha nak lawa punya pasal. pastu suruh mak aku beli sandle, Hahaha tu haaa, tp lots of thing i've buy. btw ade satu korean ladies ney bawak anjing dia jalan-jalan. cute gila. ahahahaa pastu aku pon usha-usha dia dgn anjing dia. so cuteeee <3 Hahaha pastu masa kiteorg turun train dia bye-bye kiteorg. woww! Hahaha k thats all thanks for spending your time reading my post <3 I appreciate it kthanksbye