Hi,I'm Mysara Azhar. Prefer to called as Mye. Anyway, Please call me DatinMye if you don't mind. Hihi. Pmr candidates in 2012. My first cry was on 11october1997.Studying at Sekolah Menengah Perempuan Bukit Kuda, Klang. I love my family & dear kitten, Nikko Magly. Here is the place I write when there is no papers. My tears & happiness things I've wrote. Hope readers like it & keep stalking.
Lots Of Loves Mye <3
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Last tuesday '11by Mye
Tuesday, December 27, 2011 @ 12:44 AM

Hi doodles, lama Mye tak update blog ney, bukan ape I just wanna practising for rarely online. yah next year gonna be my pmr paper. so, maybe after came back from Japan I'll deactive my fb. Hihi xD btw do miss me yeah? I lama dah tak online, online lah tp lepas update status off, itu pon pkai Ipad je. btw maybe this is my last post for 2011. hmm gonna miss 2011 haha k. now Mye nak cite psl friends* did you know what is mean of best friendship ever? grr I'm bored & get tired of my friends. I just don't know why, masing-2 tunjuk tererr siap kutuk kat status. I'm just keep the fuck up for you. ha astaghfirallahalazim keep calm Mye. huh! sedih doh bile tgk kawan sendiri tak suka kite. hmm, Redha je la.

hmm btw next year maybe I'll be at Skatepark Shah Alam for new year. maybe lah with Bibi & my geng hihi  && again bulan april Mye akan pindah di Port Klang, skrg rumah kat sane is still renovate yuhuuu! tak sabar nak pindah sane. how bout sch? Oh still at the same sch lah guys. nanty nenek Mye yg hantar pegy skola hihi, kalau nak pindah jugak kena skola RZ, Mye ade kawan kat sane tp taknak lah takut tak selesa pulak. hihi nanty if me having a kenduri I'll jemput you guys & I let you know. Hihi <3 for my friends, if you read this. please stop talking rubbish about me (y) if you keep doing, I'll do the same k :') I don't care who you are! listen k properly. garang sikit xD Lots of loves Mye