Hi,I'm Mysara Azhar. Prefer to called as Mye. Anyway, Please call me DatinMye if you don't mind. Hihi. Pmr candidates in 2012. My first cry was on 11october1997.Studying at Sekolah Menengah Perempuan Bukit Kuda, Klang. I love my family & dear kitten, Nikko Magly. Here is the place I write when there is no papers. My tears & happiness things I've wrote. Hope readers like it & keep stalking.
Lots Of Loves Mye <3
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wild days
Chapter #1by Mye
Saturday, February 11, 2012 @ 3:52 AM

Hi Guys, the begining of 2012 was extremely awesome, I'm in 3Budi now and I'm was very happy to be in that class with Fie, Nina, Atika Diana, Hmm sape lagi ek? and lain-2 lah kan. hahaha k this is my first posted in 2012 hihi hebat kan? Hmm yeay! Pmr candidates this year and I feel so scared. Aku taktau bila aku nak belajar ney* Anyways, I'm not using Fb anymore, I'm "gadis Twit-twits" now on. Yeah as ussual, bila ade exam je tuisyen lah,   . I'm one of Pusat Tuisyen A1 students. I hv no friends to talk to, even malays also don't hv in my session. so saaaaad kan? tp, baru aku tahu Asyraff tuisyen situ tp different session. Hewwwwww, let's talk about ambition. hmm, Guess what? I want to be a Pilot. Fuyooohhh. #cakaplah hebat. hebatkan? hmm how about yours? k whateveritis, I love my new life in 2012, please pray for me! Thanks fans!! *yihuuu ;xD